Our History

Experience and expertise comes together

A combination of the leaders within several industries throughout Atlantic Canada, Big Erics Inc. has quickly become the largest distributor of restaurant supplies and equipment, janitorial supplies and equipment, automotive detailing supplies, and industrial chemicals within the region.

Recently amalgamated to form Big Erics Inc., Sani Pro Inc., Janitor’s Market Inc., Cameron Restaurant Equipment, and Big Eric’s Restaurant Supplies Ltd. are far from new on the scene. Collectively, our experience and expertise spans more than half a century within numerous industries, and we look forward to being able to provide improved service and product selection to customers like you.

Sani Pro Inc.

Originally founded by Harold Luscombe in St. John’s, NL on November 27th, 1945, the company that was then known as Sanitary Products Limited played a key role in bringing modern sanitation products, equipment, and procedures to numerous industries in the province. Five years later, a new division was added to distribute restaurant, hotel, and motel supplies, as well as all items related to the tourism and hospitality industries.

By 2002, through a series of acquisitions, the company’s assets were eventually sold to a Newfoundland company wholly owned by Distribution Group Inc. (D.G.I.). It then became known as Sani Pro Inc.

In 2009, Sani Pro gained the in-house capabilities to service much of the equipment it sold, both during and after warranty. Within this same year, the company purchased Big Eric’s Restaurant Supplies Limited in Halifax, NS, and soon after opened another branch in Moncton, NB.

Big Eric’s Restaurant Supplies Limited

Big Eric’s Restaurant Supplies Limited was founded in April, 1978, by its namesake, Eric Joy. Already a well-known personality within the restaurant supply business, having spent more than twenty years with companies who soon became his competition, Eric only needed to call his business Big Eric’s to have immediate customer recognition. After his death at age 68 in December 1991, his wife, Mildred, his son, Tony, and partner, Joe George, stepped in to manage the company.

Tony Joy continued the family legacy in the business by remaining as General Manager and Senior Vice President.

In June, 2011, Big Erics Inc. purchased Janitor’s Market Inc. in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Janitor’s Market Inc.

Janitor’s Market Inc. was originally established in 1991 as Chem-Stop Janitor’s Market, by Mike Yabrove and partner Chris Hill, after two successful years as a home-based business that sold and distributed cleaning supplies and related products and equipment, as well as automotive appearance products.

In 1994, Chem-Stop Janitor’s Market partnered with MGV and the Forbes Group of Companies and opened a retail store on Akerley Blvd. in Burnside. Due to continuous growth, Janitor’s Market Inc. was eventually able to move to an alternative location in the industrial park, and they now occupy 10,000 square feet of retail and warehouse space, employ twelve full-time staff and two delivery vehicles, and are capable of shipping products throughout the Atlantic provinces.

Cameron Restaurant Equipment

Established in 1979, Cameron Restaurant Equipment has been servicing the food service industry for over 35 years. A family-owned business, Cameron’s has proven to be dependable and dedicated to customer satisfaction. As one of the largest independent suppliers to food service operators in Atlantic Canada, the Cameron’s team consists of knowledgeable consultants to assist customers in planning and executing the simplest and most complex projects.

Integration of Camerons Restaurant Equipment and Big Erics was effective as of June 30, 2017.

Big Erics Inc.

Big Erics is Atlantic Canada’s largest distributor of restaurant equipment & supplies, janitorial equipment and supplies, industrial chemicals, and automotive detailing supplies. A company deeply rooted in all four provinces in Atlantic Canada, Big Erics operates a business that is heavily invested in their industry and the markets they serve. Big Erics now employs over 100 people across all four provinces and is committed to becoming our customers’ trusted partner in business.