Membership in the President’s Club is offered to outside sales representatives at Big Erics and Big Erics’ sister company, Terra Nova Foods Inc. (TNF), who exceed their budgets for the previous year.  Members are rewarded with a personal engraved plaque, new business cards containing the President’s Club insignia (pictured below), one dozen steaks for the Canada Day weekend, and a day off for their birthday.  Also recognized at the event are those salespeople who achieved Superior Performance in the previous year and they are rewarded with a choice of either a seven day trip to an all inclusive resort down south or a seven day cruise in the Caribbean, for the member and their guest.







This year’s members are:

Big Erics

Dan Constantine, St. John’s

Ken Crane, St. John’s

William Fudge, St. John’s

Roland Gallant, Moncton

John Harris, St. John’s

Andrew Jessome, Halifax

Peter Lee, St. John’s

Tina McAllister, Moncton

Martin O’Brien, Halifax

Jason Whalen, St. John’s

Terra Nova Foods

Harry Reynolds, St. John’s

Scott Smith, St. John’s

2014’s President Club members and their plus ones with President & CEO, Ed Stratton

Not only is the dinner an event to honour outstanding salespeople, the President’s Club dinner is a time for fun.  In the words of Ed Stratton, “Continuing with the tradition that has been established by previous President’s Club members, this will be a totally relaxing and casual evening where everybody will have the opportunity to let their hair down and tell stories out of school, sing songs, tell jokes and at the end of the evening win a few prizes.  By the way, to protect those in attendance, an Oath of Secrecy, criminal activity excluded, will be conducted at the commencement of the evening.”

There were Screech-ins, mock elections, tissue paper games, and many prizes to be won!

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