Cocktail and Mixology

Mixology dates back to the 19th century but it has recently become increasingly popular. Mixology is way for people to express their creativity. At Big Erics we can provide you with all the tools you need to support your creative side. Our brands include but are not limited to:

Mixology typically involves a sequence of steps and we have something for every step.

Measure: It is the key to getting any cocktail to taste exactly as it’s supposed to. We have the jiggers, measuring spoons and cups you will need for getting the precise measurements.

Stir or shake: This step allows the different ingredients to integrate and react together to create a tasteful combination. We offer a selection mixing glasses, bar spoons and shakers to best fit your needs.

Strain: A strainer can be used multiple times while creating your cocktail. We have:

Ice Tools: The form of the ice impacts the taste of any drink because it determines how fast it melts and hence how much it dilutes the drink.

We have the tools that will ensure you are using the right kind of ice in your drink- everything from:

Prep tools: At Big Erics we carry mixology tools that are designed and crafted to help you work efficiently and effectively while preparing garnishes, bringing cocktails to new heights.

Need anything from a peeler, juicer, muddler, or zester? We’ve got you covered!

Serve: You may have the best tasting drink, but the presentation is truly the wow factor! We have all the possible glassware you might need. and we offer the serving accessories that will allow you to present your drink with extra flare.  We have medal and paper straws, pouring spouts, corkscrews, cocktail picks, and ice tongs.

Contact us or visit any of our showrooms to take your cocktail party to the next level. Also check out our social media for our weekend wind down drinks.