The success of any flavorful dish not only lies within the ingredients and but also with the cookware it is prepared in. Your cookware needs to be able to withstand high heat without corroding and releasing harmful chemicals into your food. Every thing from the pot to the lid must be able to capture flavors and aromas.

Good cookware is highly durable and will continuously deliver for years to come, so that is why Big Erics we offer a variety of quality brands including but not limited to:

Big Erics caters to numerous cooking forms, which is we carry a line of Dutch ovens, braisers skillets, grills and griddles. Designed to heat evenly our pots and pans are unsurpassed for roasting, searing, and simmering hearty soups.

Apart from our stainless steel products Big Erics also has a large line of cast iron cookware. Cast iron cookware has been used and past down for 2000 years. They are valued for their durability and ability to retain temperature for long periods of time. This makes cast iron energy saving while also holding in all the nutritional value and tenderness of meat and vegetables.


While it is necessary to have the proper pots and pans, it is equally important to care for your cookware so that they can last a long time.

We offer:

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