Knife Sharpening

Big Erics Introduces a Knife Sharpening Program Partnership in Nova Scotia

Knife Sharpening in Nova Scotia

A Chef’s knife is the single most important tool in any commercial and home kitchen. It is the tool that is used in the creation of virtually every dish. Cutting with a sharp knife is just more enjoyable! From mincing garlic and fine herbs to breaking down those tough root vegetables, a truly sharp knife will make the job easy and a joy.

Big Erics Dartmouth is excited to announce a partnership with Peter Nowlan of New Edge Sharpening

Peter is a craftsman, meticulous and already sharpens for many local chefs. He sharpens each knife manually in the free-hand, traditional way using quality Japanese water stones since the 70’s. He will also repair minor nicks and chips on the blade at no extra cost! He is passionate about knives and will sharpen your knives with utmost care.

All home and restaurant chefs can now bring in your knives to Big Erics Dartmouth, 171 John Savage Ave, and leave them with us for sharpening with Peter.

Why sharpen your knife?

The edge of a knife is subject to force every time it’s used. Eventually, the metal becomes fatigued and rolls over to the side in spots, and over time along the entire length of the blade from heel to tip.

This deformed edge tears through food at the cellular level causing it to dry out quickly and negatively impact its flavour.

Dull knives are also dangerous as they can easily slip off certain vegetables. We sharpen a knife to avoid this, to slice through food effortlessly.

A sharp knife cultivates culinary creativity because it’s a joy to use.

When to sharpen a knife?

When the sensation of using a truly sharp knife fades away. Your knife will tell you!

There is no exact time frame as there are many factors that influence edge retention.

The knife itself, the steel it’s made from, the cutting board, the way it’s stored and what the knife is actually cutting.

The best approach is to develop a Sharpening Plan. Start with having it sharpened at least 4x a year and see from there.

Edge retention can be prolonged with good steeling habits but know that regardless of the quality of the knife and your determination to keep it sharp it will eventually get dull.

What can he sharpen?

All knives, Cleavers (including serrated ones)

Note: No straight razors, scissors, swords, saws, ice skates or lawn mowers!

What does it cost?

(All prices in Canadian dollars and are subject to HST where applicable)

  • Paring Knives $10 +taxes
  • All Other Knives $15 + taxes

How does it work?

  • Bring your dull or damaged knives to Big Erics Dartmouth (171 John Savage, Monday - Wednesday & Friday 8:00am – 6pm, Thursday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 10am - 6pm) wrapped in paper or a dish towel and placed in a plastic or paper bag.
  • Payment is required upfront, your knives will be tagged (name, contact number etc) for pick up including any special notes for Peter.
  • Peter will typically come to our showroom Tuesdays and Fridays for pick-up of dull knives and deliveries of sharpened knives.
  • Expected turnaround time is a week after pick-up. For example, knives received Fri-Mon will be picked up on Tuesday and they can be expected to be ready the following Tuesday.
  • Completed-within-a-week is not 100% guaranteed, if a knife sharpening\\repair is expected to take longer*, we will inform you of the expected completion date and any additional costs.

*Chip repair must be noted with sharpening order.

*Peter does his absolute best to minimize repair costs. In fact, many very minor repairs are included in the cost of sharpening. If your knives need extra special attention, we will let you know the expected cost and obtain your agreement before starting any work on it.