Crew® Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner 946ml - CBD539650


Crew® Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner 946ml - CBD539650

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  • Manufacturer Number: CBD539650
  • Crew® Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner 946ml
  • Crew® Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner is the all purpose acidic cleaner.
  • Specifically formulated to removes soap scum, water deposits, rust, body oils, dirt and grime from restroom surfaces.
  • Commonly used in areas where water is present: showers, tubs, toilets, urinals and sinks.
  • This non-abrasive acidic cleaner makes cleaning faster and easier.
  • Brilliant red in color with a fresh clean scent.
  • Deep cleaning formula quickly penetrates and removes stubborn restroom soils
  • Requires less scrubbing to save time and labor
  • Non-abrasive cleaner can be used porcelain, stainless steel, ceramic, tile and counters
  • Brightens surfaces, stainless steel, chrome and tile
  • Fresh scent leaves the area smelling clean and fresh long after the cleaning procedure
  • This ready-to-use product makes cleaning simple! Just grab, spray and wipe! No diluting necessary. 
  • Size: 946 ml
  • Sold by Unit: Each


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