Fresh Phase Fabric Rtd 2/cs Fabric Freshener 93062872


Good Sense® Fresh Phase® Fabric Freshener RTD 1.5L - 93062872

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  • Manufacturer Number: 93062872
  • Good Sense® Fresh Phase® Fabric Freshener RTD 1.5L
  • Patented formula eliminates malodors by changing malodor compounds and causing them to evaporate.
  • Eliminates malodors caused by tobacco, food, urine and body odors.
  • Colorless with a fresh scent.
  • Neutralizes and eliminates trapped odors in fabrics such as: tobacco, food, urine, mold and mildew, pet and body odors
  • Extensive testing reveals Good Sense® acts quickly upon contact and keeps working throughout the day
  • Odor control with residual action that leaves a fresh scent
  • J-FlexTM / RTD® with its ergonomically-designed handle is portable and connects to any convenient water supply via a standard hose connector.
  • Simply select the dilution required (trigger, bucket or machine) and ready to use product will be accurately & safely dispensed through its Spill-Tite head every time.


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