Claris Blue Water Filter Cartridge - 71311


Claris Blue Water Filter Cartridge - 71311

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  • Manufacturer Number: 71311
  • The Claris Blue Filter cartridges are suited for any water main.
  • Always filters the exact amount of water needed for brewing espresso.
  • The organic ion exchangers and activated charcoal remove heavy metals and other contaminants and harmful substances such as lead, copper, aluminum and chlorine.
  • Reduces limescale and calcium buildup, thereby extending the life of your machine.
  • Removes the need for descaling products, and time consuming descaling cycles.
  • Minerals and fluorides that are necessary for flavour development are retained in the water.
  • Suitable for all types of water
  • Compatible with: A1, A7, A9, ENA 7, ENA 9, ENA micro 1, ENA micro 5, ENA micro 8, ENA micro 9, ENA micro 90, ENA micro easy, F9, F900, GIGA 5, IMPRESSA A5, IMPRESSA A9, IMPRESSA C55, IMPRESSA F50, IMPRESSA F55, IMPRESSA F7, IMPRESSA F8, IMPRESSA F85, IMPRESSA F95, IMPRESSA J80, IMPRESSA J85, IMPRESSA J9, IMPRESSA S9, J10, J500, J6, J90, J95
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