Jura Claris Blue Filter - 71311


Jura Claris Blue Filter - 71311

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  • Manufacturer Number: 71311
  • The Claris Blue Filter cartridges are suited for any water main.
  • Always filters the exact amount of water needed for brewing espresso.
  • The organic ion exchangers and activated charcoal remove heavy metals and other contaminants and harmful substances such as lead, copper, aluminum and chlorine.
  • Reduces limescale and calcium buildup, thereby extending the life of your machine.
  • Removes the need for descaling products, and time consuming descaling cycles.
  • Minerals and fluorides that are necessary for flavour development are retained in the water.
  • Compatibe with: ENA 3, ENA 5, ENA Micro 9, ENA 9 OTC, GIGA 5, IMPRESSA J9 & J90, IMPRESSA Z7
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