Edlund Can Opener Repair Kit - KT110


Edlund Can Opener Repair Kit - KT110

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  • Manufacturer Number: KT110
  • Get your Edlund #1 can opener can opener back into good working order with this Edlund KT110 knife and gear kit.
  • Over time and hard use, the knife on your can opener will become dulled, and the gears may become worn and start to strip. This is part of normal wear and tear for any can opener but you don't have to buy a whole new unit. Instead, consider replacing those components with this convenient knife and gear repair kit!
  • This repair kit has all of the parts necessary to fix your can opener and get it working again, including the following:
    (1) G003 gear
    (1) K004 knife
    (1) S209 knife support
    (2) S072 screws
    (1) W005 washer
  • Designed for the Edlund #1 can opener


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