Lsr Delimer 4x1gal 2480400 Betco


Symplicity™ L-S-R Delimer 3.78L - 24804-00

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  • Manufacturer Number: 2480400 
  • Machine Descaler
  • Concentrated Delimer formulated with a blend of organic and inorganic acids combined with controlled foam surfactants for superior performance. LSR Delimer contains a unique odor eliminating fragrance that eliminates the objectionable odor that occurs in use with other similar products. It can be diluted for manual cleaning or up to full strength for fast deliming of automatic dishmachines and other equipment. Liquid formulation easily dispenses and disperses in water removing rust and lime Do not use on silverplated flatware, dishware with gold trim, copper or brass.
  • Fast Acting - Labor Savings, Removes limescale - even from delicate metals
  • Liquid Concentrate – Economical, Saves Money
  • Low Foaming - Improved Performance
  • Safe - Use on stainless steel, plastics, and soft metals as directed
  • Low Odor - Pleasant Fragrance
  • Versatile – Removes /descales a variety of equipment
  • Size: 3.78L (1Gal)
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