Unbelievable 20L Traffic Film Remover - 2020UNB


Unbelievable 20L Traffic Film Remover - 2020UNB

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  • Manufacturer Number: 2020UNB
  • Premium Quality Frictionless Traffic Film Remover
  • Exceptional surface appearance through an exclusive synergistic design.
  • Impeccable streak-free and haze-free drying under all conditions.
  • Penetrating, touchless, requiring no brushing.
  • Powers away resistant road film in a one-step pressure washer application.
  • Unbelievable on road tar, engine grime, exhaust deposits and gasoline.
  • Readily dislodges carbonized insect residue accumulations.
  • Designed to control flash rusting and corrosion.
  • Ideal for fleet washing of tractor-trailers.
  • Outstanding performance and ecologically safe.
  • Size: 20L


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