Concessions Equipment & Supplies

Whether you have a restaurant, café, office, convenience store, or concessions stand, we are proud to offer you the products that you need to run a successful business. Big Erics is pleased to provide you with concession equipment solutions for your food truck, food fairs, theaters etc.

At Big Erics we understand the importance of perfectly popped buttery popcorn during a movie night and the satisfaction from a slushy on a hot summer day. We recognize the happy memories of seeing the cotton candy machine forming delicious candy from the air and we appreciate the excitement of picking a colourful snow cone on a perfect day.

Through our acquisition of MACKMariplex we have expanded our product offering to include equipment for perfect popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, cotton candy, slushies or sno kone.

Concession equipment includes but are not limited to:


Whether you need something for your concession stand or home theatre we have the right sized machines that will help you deliver finger-licking good popcorn every single time for your hungry customers and guests.


Big Erics now has the solutions to getting the deliciously warm and cheesy nachos every one craves. Our thermostat regulated and no clean up nacho equipment will be the perfect addition anywhere from a cafeteria to a cinema.


The best part of having cotton candy is watching the sweet fluff spinning and getting bigger with every turn. Here at Big Erics we know that depending on who you are, you will need different speeds and requirements from your cotton candy machine. We have a range of easy to use equipment so you find the one just right for you.


Looking a hog dog machine that is reliable and that is a match for your business? Look no more! Whether you are a school or a food truck with limited counter space, we’ve got it. We can offer you easy to use, nonstick, and dual temperature hot dog grills that will deliver a delicious bite every single time. We also have other accessories from bun warmers and sneeze guards that you might need.


No matter who you are, Big Erics will have a Sno Kone machine that will be a suitable fit. From summer camps to rental party stores, our machines will deliver satisfaction. Big Erics offers a range of durable and lightweight Sno Kone machines and ice shavers ideal for any event.

For more information on all your concessions needs, you can contact us by email or phone at 1-800-565-1216


For your convenience we strive to be a one-stop shop. We are proud to not only offer the equipment but also the supplies for the equipment. At Big Erics we provide a variety of supplies to enhance the experience further. Some of our supplies include: