Custom Design

Welcome to our Custom Design Services!

Let our dedicated team of Foodservice Design Professionals assist you in bringing your vision to life. As your reliable partner, we'll be by your side throughout the entire journey, offering solutions that guarantee satisfaction for both you and your customers.

You'll quickly discover that your passion is our passion, evident from start to finish.

Needs Assessment

We understand that each commercial kitchen is unique with different requirements. However, all kitchens necessitate a layout that promotes effective and efficient teamwork. At Big Erics, we collaborate with you to understand your kitchen and menu vision, ensuring you achieve the desired results, and your customers enjoy the experience you intend to deliver.

We ask the tough questions upfront, considering your space, budget, and timing. Through observation, we collaborate to create a space that guarantees a safe workflow for your team, optimal storage conditions for all your food items, efficient food processing and preparation, as well as effective dishwashing and delivery processing.

With over a century of combined experience and numerous successful partnerships, the Big Erics multidisciplinary team is well-versed in commercial kitchens from start to finish. Allow us to help you design a functional and enduring kitchen.

Plan & Design

Taking an individualized approach, we place a strong emphasis on planning and designing kitchens that cater to the needs and workflow of the individuals working in them. As our customer, your vision guides each step of the planning and design process.

We consider not only standards and ergonomic needs but also the future of your kitchen and business. A successful commercial kitchen design incorporates every small detail, from cold rooms and ventilation canopies to stainless steel counters and kitchen equipment selection.

Your passion is our passion, and we're here to guide you through the entire process, ensuring confidence that every detail and solution has been thoroughly considered and decided upon.

Contractor Plans

Plans are invaluable tools that ensure you know exactly where you're going. We work directly with the general contractor, providing them with detailed and accurate build plans to facilitate a seamless construction process.


From start to finish, our team is on-site to facilitate the installation of your commercial kitchen. We handle the placement and installation of materials and equipment, ensuring you have all the necessary equipment operating manuals and warranties. Additionally, we provide access to resources that help you run your kitchen, including manufacturer experts and certified service companies.

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