#12a2 Assist Liq Alkali 56.8l Alkali Booster 93418779 Max 3


Clax® Assist® 12A2 Laundry Booster 56.8L Drum - 93418779

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  • Manufacturer Number: 93418779
  • Clax® Assist® 12A2 Laundry Booster 56.8L Drum
  • A liquid alkali builder/booster contains alkaline ingredients and special chelation ingredients for use in low-to-medium water hardness conditions in commercial and on-premise laundries.
  • When combined with a mainwash detergent, Clax® Assist® liquid alkali builder/booster enhances soil removal from heavily soiled laundry
  • Improves soil removal; especially food (protein) and grease stains (eg restaurant and kitchen linen)
  • Counters greying of linen; stabilizes soil particles in the wash liquor
  • Improves wash performance by affecting soil-fiber interaction (swelling)
  • Prevents yellowing of linen
  • Size: 56.8L
  • Sold by Unit: Each


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