Clax Hypo Conc Bleach-low Temp Hypochlorite 18.9l 95750345


Clax® Hypo conc 42B1 Low Temp Laundry Destainer 18.9L - 95750345

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  • Manufacturer Number: 95750345
  • Clax® Hypo conc 42B1 Laundry Destainer 18.9L
  • Laundry destainer is specifically formulated for use in commercial, healthcare and on-premise laundries.
  • The product should be used for white and colorfast colored fabrics.
  • Excellent destainer for a wide range of oxidizable stains on white cotton and poly-cotton fabric
  • Effective bleaching in all water temperatures under 155°F (68°C)
  • Enables energy savings by bleaching at lower temperatures
  • Easy to dose
  • Provides good hygiene
  • Size: 18.9L
  • Sold by Unit: Each


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