Zwilling 10” Diamond Sharpening Steel - 32520-260


Zwilling 10” Diamond Sharpening Steel - 32520-260

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  • Manufacturer Number: 32520-260
  • The sharpening steel has a sturdy, ergonomic handle with a hanging eyelet and an oval-shaped rod.
  • Its diamond coating gives kitchen knives an extremely fine sharpness when honed, quickly restoring their original cutting performance.
  • The ZWILLING knife sharpener is 26cm long and is ideal for restoring sharpness even to knives which have been in use for some time.
  • The hard-wearing handle enables you to hold the sharpening steel securely whilst sharpening your knife blades.
  • Simply draw the knives over the oval-shaped rod, with light yet purposeful hand movements, until you achieve the result you require.
  • Afterwards, simply hang up the practical sharpening steel by means of the handy eyelet incorporated in the end of the handle.
  • That way it is always to hand when you need to sharpen your knives to cut onions, fillet meat or for any other cutting tasks.


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