Gtechniq C1 Crystal Laquer 50ml – C10.05


Gtechniq C1 Crystal Laquer 50ml – C10.05

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  • Manufacturer Number: C10.05
  • C1 is extremely easy to apply and ideal for someone new to applying ceramic coatings, or for someone who wants a coating that is durable, but not too much hassle to apply.
  • C1 forms a crystalline film which is hard – this characteristic makes it effective at preventing minor scratching from poor wash technique on relatively soft automotive paint.
  • The coating is good for gloss retention, but because it does not add much additional gloss it is ideal for matte paint finishes.
  • 3 to 5 years durability
  • Excellent swirl mark resistance
  • Crystal clear finish
  • Size: 50 ml


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